Minggu, 11 April 2010

Tugas 1

Make a question of an answer.

1. Somebody hit me.
Answer : Whom did somebody hit?
2. Five students attended the meeting.
Answer : How many students attended the meeting?
3. Bus 10 goes to Bandung.
Answer : Which bus goes to Bandung?
4. Mr. Adam found guilty.
Answer : Who found guilty?
5. The Teacher is teaching Biologi.
Answer : What is the teacher teaching?
6. All of the member of the commitee should come to the meeting at 10 o'clock.
Answer : When should all of the member of the commite come to the meeting?
7. The children like ice cream very much.
Answer : What does the children like very much?
8. This book costs $10.
Answer : How much does the book costs?
9. This bag belongs to somebody.
Answer : Who does this bag belongs to?
10. The lecturer explained the subject very clearly.
Answer : How did the lecturer explained the subject?

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