Selasa, 11 Mei 2010

tugas bahasa inggris 2 Passive voice

1. Dangerous driving cause many accidents.
Answer : Many accidents are caused dangerous driving

2. They cancelled all flights.
Answer : All flights were cancelled

3. Someone made this cheese.
Answer : This cheese were made

4. They invited you to the party.
Answer : You were invited to the party

5. She is translating this book.
Answer : This book is being translated by her

6. Some body has cleaned room
Answer : The room was cleaned

7. They have poned the meeting
Answer : The meeting was postponed

8. Somebody is using the computer at the moment
Answer : The computer is being used at the moment

9. I didn’t realize that somebody recording our conversation
Answer : I didn’t realize that our conversation was recorded

10. When we got to the stadium, we found that they had cancelled the game
Answer : when we got to the stadium, we found that the game was cancelled

11. They are building a new ringroad
Answer : A new ringroad was builded

12. They have build a new hospital near the airport
Answer : A new hospital was builded near the airport

13. Somebody stole my bag
Answer : My bag was stolen

14. Somebody was decorating the room
Answer : The room was decorated

15. Somebody is following us
Answer : we were followed

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